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Leo the Lion The majestic lion, the King of the Beasts, is Leo's symbol. Throughout history, the lion has symbolized sovereignty, rulership, and courage.

Unfortunately, it's as if there's a roadblock on the main highway, requiring you to determine a new avenue to reach your destination. Although you're flexible enough to figure out your route while you're in process, you could waste valuable time by making a poor decision along the way. Reconsider your timing; perhaps the rush is only in your head. Slowing down reduces errors in judgment and, paradoxically, increases your efficiency.

Don't be surprised if you must work extra hard to get into the flow of the day.

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You might think that someone is conspiring to complicate your life, but the stressful square between the Moon and the Sun loses its intensity by midday. Avoid the temptation to blame a family member or your partner for any difficulties you face now.


The potential obstacles you see on the path ahead are likely the result of internal conflict. Work on reducing your own counterproductive thoughts and the external circumstances will mirror your tranquil state of mind. You prefer it when everything is out in the open, but you're being called to be more emotionally honest about something you've kept hidden.

You might feel as if you're hitting a wall and you're willing to do the work required to conquer it. Although delving into the shadows isn't your favorite pastime, you realize that the way out is to go deeper and deeper. Fortunately, you can lean on those close to you for support as you seek resolution to a lingering issue. The attention you bring to your current quest for harmony will bring you the peace you seek. You love useful ideas like some people love chocolate.

This craving for down-to-earth pragmatism seems to be in overdrive today and there's no reason to fight it. However, you could be called to pursue a beautiful thought over a practical one now, which may be temporarily disconcerting. Maximize the potential of the moment by writing out the ideas and projects that are percolating in your head. Although it might not be the right time to put your concepts into action, at least you are planting the seeds for future cultivation.

In nature, there is a season for everything.

Your December Horoscope, Revealed

You know exactly how you feel today, but your friends and family might think differently. There could be a snarky exchange over someone's negative judgment about how you're living your life. If others don't understand your emotions, no amount of verbal banter will resolve the conflict now. Nevertheless, there's a pearl of wisdom amidst the noise of contention in this teaching moment from the universe.

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You are gaining self-awareness, which ultimately impacts everything. In the final analysis, the only thing you can change is yourself. Processing deep emotions is an integral part of your existence. However, the waffling Libra Moon is cloistered in your 12th House of Invisibility now, complicating your path of transformation.

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Ironically, the more you strive to know what's out of reach, the farther away it seems. This is a powerful time to connect deeply and emotionally with the people you care about. That said, today the Moon is in Earth sign Taurus, encouraging you to be present in your relationships—stop digging for information about the past or reassurances about the future.

The Sagittarius mindset is bigger is better. Sometimes that benefits you, and other times, it means that you go too far with unhealthy behaviors.

Taurus Health & Wellness Horoscope

Today the Moon, in grounded Taurus, is encouraging you to face your bad habits. Want these horoscopes sent straight to your inbox? Click here to sign up for the newsletter. Astro Guide. Date night this weekend? A lovely moon gives you the romance, flirtation, and fun you rightfully deserve.

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Cherish and tend to family bonds all week long, then focus on your self-care regimen this weekend. Get a head start on resolutions, organization, and preparation for the new year to make your goals a reality. This week, let your skills shine, and hold court in holiday conversations. Run wild this weekend!

The moon helps you find joy, charisma, and adventure wherever you want it. Indulge, Cancer! Enjoy the holidays hard, and push aside responsibility for some well-earned luxury and whatever else makes your heart happy. A sensitive moon this weekend has you wanting to be with the people and places that remind you of home. Go where your heart tells you. Invite others into your lucky aura! Is it getting a bit surreal, Virgo?

Follow your heart to the more beautiful and spiritual side of things. Is it time for a massage?