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Leo the Lion The majestic lion, the King of the Beasts, is Leo's symbol. Throughout history, the lion has symbolized sovereignty, rulership, and courage.

Watch your speed and handle tools, machines and sharp implements carefully. The new Moon in Sagittarius helps make Tuesday the 26th a first-rate travel day.

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Neptune resumes forward motion Wednesday morning. Weather may well impact travel. Pay attention to news reports and check schedules.

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Thanksgiving Day features two magical alignments, a trine between Mercury and Neptune and another trine between Venus and Uranus. Gratitude is contagious. Love abounds as the Moon overtakes Venus during the mid-afternoon. Friday the 29th is comparatively quiet, with practical concerns paramount as the Moon passes through Capricorn.

Be alert Saturday night when a lunar square to Uranus again raises risk levels. Jupiter begins a year-long visit to Capricorn on Monday the 2nd. This is especially good news for Goat clan natives as well as those born under the other earth signs. Expect a lot of discussion about the use of resources during the coming year. Fortuitous aspects make Tuesday the 3rd seem to zip by in a flash. Venus is sextile Mars, igniting flirtations and energizing social encounters. Faith may be tested on Saturday the 7th. The Sun is at odds with Neptune. Avoid taking risks.

Venus and Neptune help turn Sunday the 8th into a fairy tale ending. This is a good day to visit an art gallery or take in a concert. Love proves more resilient than expected on Friday the 13th. Venus is conjunct Pluto. The weekend of the 14th and 15th is great for a travel adventure. Jupiter is trine Uranus on Sunday, a fine omen for mind-expanding, heart-opening experiences.

Try something new and different. Be wary of missed communications and other mix-ups when Mercury squares Neptune on Thursday the 19th. Do your best to eliminate confusion and mistakes. The winter solstice, the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, is on Saturday the 21st.

The Sun enters Capricorn late that night. Venus tests Uranus early the next morning. Hopefully the ensuing string of harmonious aspects offsets any friction between partners. These dark days of early winter do have bright spots. The Sun makes a fabulous trine to Uranus on Tuesday the 24th. An air of expectancy and excitement is palpable. Intuitive types find their hunches are on the mark. Christmas Day plays out under a cheerfully mellow void of course Sagittarius Moon. This is also winter eclipse season. The Capricorn new moon occurs minutes after midnight on the 26th and eclipses the Sun.

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Integration of the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies is within reach. Meditation and breath work can pave the way to higher consciousness. Friday the 27th has a comfortably busy, upbeat vibe. The Capricorn Sun and Jupiter are conjunct. Pursue recreational fun responsibly, and have a happy new year!

Sun enters Sagittarius

Fortunate trine aspects from Uranus in Taurus to the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury support hopes for a healthier environment and a more egalitarian future. Technology may prove instrumental in overcoming many challenges. The pace picks up noticeably as the Moon is waxing, to be full in Cancer on Friday the 10th. That same day Uranus turns direct. Be prepared for revelations and shocking news. Good or bad, karma is very much in play from the 11th through the 13th as Mercury, Pluto, Saturn and the Sun form a tight stellium.

We reap what we sow. Moods soon lighten as Venus slides into Pisces and forms a serendipitous sextile to Uranus on Wednesday the 15th, a great date night. Plans as well as minds are likely to change later in the week. Winged Mercury is at odds with Uranus. Uncertainties continue when the Sun enters Aquarius on Monday the 20th.

A solar square with Uranus leads to a great many unforeseen complications and adjustments around the 23rd. Help comes from unexpected quarters. On Friday the 24th the new moon in Aquarius initiates another activity cycle. Set your intentions and look for early signs of spring. Lies are exposed when Mars tests Neptune the morning of Tuesday the 28th. The weather can be tricky. A few quiet days close the month.

Recommit to your intentions as February begins with a motivating first quarter Moon in Taurus. Slow and steady wins this race. Saturday the 1st also provides an evening of lively discussions and warming affections. Trust your intuition. Cascading moonlight sparkles on the winter landscape. Find ways to express your creativity and nourish your pure child within. The mid-February skies are mellow. Our annual celebration of love, chocolate and roses, St. With the Scorpio Moon sextile Jupiter that night, tastes are extravagant. Whatever your budget may be, the stars support generosity of spirit.

The weekend of the 15th and 16th brings challenges. On Saturday afternoon, the tense last quarter Moon leaves some folks feeling confined. Mercury turns retrograde on Sunday. Talking things over requires extraordinary patience and compassion but with help from Jupiter, it is well worth the effort. The Sun reaches Pisces on Tuesday the 18th and soon occasions an upsurge in healing energy as well as progressive thinking. Jupiter favors Neptune on Thursday the 20th, inspiring artists, visionaries and humanitarians.

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Mars, newly arrived in Capricorn, makes a trine to Uranus early Friday morning. A technological breakthrough could be under way. On Sunday the 23rd, the new Moon in Pisces, the last of the astrological year, is a fine time to launch projects. With retrograde Mercury hovering nearby, some abandoned causes and plans may be revisited and found worth pursuing.

Upbeat trends dominate the last week of February. Physical energy levels are strong as the Sun sextiles Mars on Monday the 24th. High spirits are also felt during Mardi Gras celebrations on Tuesday the 25th. Be attentive to partners when Venus tests Pluto on Friday the 28th. Fortunate aspects help offset insecurities and jealousy. Keep looking up! Contact Eric at ericlinter.

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Let this full moon spice up your life with change, excitement and adventure. Trust your instincts and follow your passionate desires. You can fully express your kinky side under this sexually provocative influence. Open mindedness and experimentation could be sexually liberating, reinvigorate an exiting relationship, or bring a passionate new romance.

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A lowering of inhibition will bring greater personal freedom and unexpected opportunities. This is a good full moon to get new projects off the ground with a burst of daring energy. Although your fighting spirit and adrenaline will eventually fade, you can get new projects to a state where that initiative is no longer required. But the sextile to Venus Saturn brings sensitivity, romance, sensuality, karmic attraction and creative imagination.

But the sextile to Mercury Neptune brings companionship, true love, reassurance, loyalty and commitment. Together, the alignment of these four planets brings compassion, healing, selflessness, clairvoyance and spirituality. This is a good full moon for dreaming, psychic awareness and learning occult subjects like astrology and Tarot. Both Regulus and the Mars Uranus conjunction have the potential to bring irritation, rebellion and violence.

But their high-spirited, lusty and outgoing natures complement each other to bring positive change, adventure and excitement. This means the incredible amount of energy created by Regulus, the full moon and the three planetary conjunctions, combine in a complementary way that is more harmonious, safe and user-friendly than each on its own. So full moon February brings exciting opportunities that will make you feel more alive and free. Many separate things which have confused, scared or depressed you will seem to come together and make sense.

It should restore your faith that God, or the Universe, does have a plan for you. Is there going to be a second Government shutdown, realized come Feb. And Trump, with his battered reputation appears less and less on track as a two term President? Oh yes, I had not realized that when I wrote this post. Even if there is not a shutdown I am sure he will feature prominently in the news. Thanks for the lunar posts.

Should I still consider this as a positive full moon despite been square my sun 2 degrees orb , or maybe a challenging moon with positive results? When I do my own transits I use a maximum of one degree orb and that includes for moon phases. So I would consider this as a positive full moon for you. Does anybody know if that is parallel or inconjunct the full moon or no? Hi Mitch. Your Mercury is actually semisextile the full moon. It creates subtle but positive links.

I wonder if this is true. They are the seen as another kind of inconjunct. Planets that make these aspects are not seen by each other thus create an irritation. There is a big trust element to these aspects. What do you think?! Hi Lavonne. I would focus on Moon conjunct Midheaven transit. That is the strongest part of your chart being affected by far, especially with Regulus culminating in your chart. You will have to balance home and work but the main focus should be your career and public profile.

I have natal Pluto at 0. Hi Lynn. See Moon conjunct Pluto transit. Hi Jamie, I truly enjoy your work and want you to know I recommend you to everyone. I would love to help further your mission to no cost to you at all. I will set everything up, interview you, add value in another way, volunteer services to your audience or to you….

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I just want to add value to your mission because i respect your work. You are my goto and have for years because you are so thorough and accurate!! Not to mention compassionate and easy to understand. I look forward to hearing from you soon! Blessings to you and your family. Yes, much-deserved kudos, Jamie, you were even in the awesome Astrology on the Web. A happy Supermoon to all, and blessings of the true King, our Christ.

How do you mindless sheep live with yourselves? I would know, unlike most people who talk shit about California, I actually live here. Of the 50 states, we are 1 in high taxes and 50 in quality of life. Every time I go into the city it looks shittier and shittier. More violent crimes. More homeless people. I hope you enjoyed this comment. I hope it wakes you up to the spirit of Greatness that I possess and that you lack.