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Leo the Lion The majestic lion, the King of the Beasts, is Leo's symbol. Throughout history, the lion has symbolized sovereignty, rulership, and courage.

This makes their relationship honest and reliable. Aries partners seek mutual confidence, but it is not that easy to build. This makes them both hard fully to trust one another. It is very likely that an innocent situation that later proves benign escalate into a dramatic argument and even lead to separation. As we have said, these are fiery, temperamental personalities. However, if they find a way to go through such situations, by accepting the fact they are a bit sensitive to the very idea of dishonesty by nature, they could gradually build up strong mutual confidence.

This would make an Aries and Aries match amazingly stable. Love life of these two together could be stable and exciting at the same time and in a long run. To put it simply, this is the fieriest combination of all zodiac marriage matches. These two active, energetic, very passionate and sexual people are an amazing marriage combination, if they learn how to trust one another, which is what we were talking before. Marriage of two Aries is like a never-ending firework! These two have to build mutual trust and understanding; if that is so, nothing could stop them.

Aries woman and Aries man never tire of one another, which is an extremely positive condition to keep their marriage full of excitement, vital and long lasting. Aries people are quick-tempered, both men and women, so it is likely they would often confront one another over small disagreement. However, they would easily settle things down in the most pleasing of places, their bed! That means they should never work together in professional sense, but it could also apply to housework division and such.

They would do best of they make detailed organization of what each of them should take care of. Aries spouses are jealous and they argument all the time, which is, to say so, their modus operandi. Jealousy is stronger if there is a greater difference in their age. However, they are no vengeful and the basis of their passionate, fiery relationship is true friendship. The most important planetary aspect for two Aries marriage is Mars.

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However, they are not likely to lose their temper. Therefore, marriage of two Aries could be exciting, driving and inspiring for years and years. They have to be friends with each other, in order to dorm a stable relationship. A relationship between two Aries could be best described as a romantic partnership.

They are extremely supportive of one another. In addition, Aries people are friendly, sociable and, although stubborn and demanding, they are understanding of others. They are best friends, not only passionate lovers. They are honest, just and caring in a relationship, just as they are in friendly relations with other people.

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Aries is a faithful friend; he or she would never cheat on you, abandon or betray you. That could be applied to their romantic relationships, as well.

No strange it is the first sign of zodiac. Aries people are born to be victorious. Since they are the first in zodiac, it is said that everything in an Aries life goes according to the natural plan. An Aries couple is very likely to enjoy physical challenges together.

They love to compete and it is not unlikely they will do it amongst themselves.

Aries and Aries Love Compatibility

They often see each other equally fit. In truth, the astrological dynamics behind this union make for plenty of twists and turns — some enjoyable, and some to be forewarned of. In traditional astrology, zodiac signs are not just represented by the animals or symbols of their constellations in the sky. Other factors, like ruling planets and the elements that represent each star sign, also have a lot to teach us all.

Aries is a star sign represented by fire, and these people demonstrate that with fast action, personal warmth and fiery motivation. Gemini, as an air sign, is intellectual, highly communicative and fast moving in thoughts, which often leads to rapidly implemented ideas too. Yet as we all know, air feeds fire and helps it grow, and so too does the influence of Gemini tend to spark up the best in feisty Aries.

Yet just as fire consumes air to fuel itself, so too much Gemini take caution not to be swallowed into the intensity of the Aries flame.

Compatibility of Aries Man and Aries Woman

Those are dynamic and deeply absorbing people, and Gemini can become completely caught up in the antics and quick primal energy of Aries. Yet to truly thrive, a Gemini spirit needs variety and change , and lots of it. Yet Aries, ruled by planet Mars, a god of war in mythology, has a competitive side. Through this kind of fractured thought, seeing the world as though through the yes of many rather than one, Gemini has multiple insights into a single situation at once — an enviable thing indeed.

For Aries , the opposite is true.

Aries Woman

Aries navigates life in bouts of intense gut instinct, and makes decisions on the fly. Gemini can sometimes think Aries too rash and rigid in ideology in turn, but ultimately this is a good match for a strong relationship. The key is simply helping it to last. Who can stop the Aries woman once she sets her mind to something? She has a big social circle, abundant respect for her own appearance, and naturally gravitates to a leadership position in her social circles.

In contrast, the Gemini man is a handsome individual, but one who seems to show a different side of himself in every aspect of his life. Once dating begins, goaded perhaps by the keen fire of the Aries woman, both partners will enjoy plenty of variety, flirtation and a wide range of places to go together. Travel, be it out of town for the day or on a naughty escape away from prying eyes, is likely to be a magical memory in the making, and likely something undertaken in the heat of the moment.

Both the Aries woman and the Gemini man are excitable lovers, seeing the potential for new horizons in all they do. His mind will weave fantastic ideas for her to pursue, and her unstoppable energy is inspiring to him in every way. The Gemini woman is a communicative sort, often the crux of her social circle and the one who brings the news from one corner of it to the other. His physical aspect can tell you much about this man.

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That means that he is stable and genuinely strong person. His beliefs and attitudes are pretty much strong, based on logic and real experiences. Taurus people are almost never such individualists but they are independent people from early age.

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  6. Strong and hard on the outside but in the inside you will find softness. This man is a very loving person and capable of having deeper emotion and feelings.

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    He is always emotionally attached to a woman if he decides to have something more than just friendship. These emotions come slowly but with intensity as the time goes by. Taurus knows how to get to the heart of a woman and will try to seduce her with expensive dinner and romantic music, nice perfume or luxurious jewelry. He has nice classy and expensive taste and knows good things in life.

    Apart from that, he is great lover and posses great stamina. His sensible side can show up and will please his lady to the maximum. When Taurus is making love, he puts up all of his senses. His touch is so pleasant and can take girls to heaven. Physical touch is very important for Taurus and loves to cuddle a lot. This habit comes form very early age but when older it becomes more intensive and he relates it with emotions.

    He is in constant need of loving someone and showing it throughout physical love. In the contrary, he is much eager of tender love than a few passionate moments with a stranger.

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    Taurus is extremely loyal and expect that from the girl he loves. He prefers traditional girls, with nice behavior and manners. There can be moments when he shows jealousy and it can be pretty awkward. Overall, even though he has pretty inflexible character and persona the truth is that this man has mild nature and he will do his best to have the girl he wants. Of course, it depends much of the Ascendant and position of the planets in the birth chart.

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    This woman is strong individual, great worker, loyal friend that will always stand out for her friends and burning lover that is most of the time up for a sexy adventure.